Redwood Bench

Parasitic Architecture.

The redwood bench is a university project assign to design and fabricate a significant furniture piece on the campus.

Intended to be a permanent gift to the College of Architecture, the bench was designed to catalyze social interaction by providing sitting, relaxing, socializing, studying, eating, napping, seminar, class, and pin-up space for presenting students’ architectural design projects.

Entrance to the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. The bench hangs from the top of the existing concrete wall, re-invigorating the only “green” space of the architecture building.

To complete the 100ft of proposed bench, sponsorships and donations for the $10,000 needed for lumber, steel, and hardware were sought. I designed and assembled the welded steel sign to advertise and commemorate our sponsors Big Creek Lumber Co. of Davenport California. The sign would signify permanence for the project, and the warmth and resilience of the redwood would make the bench comfortable, useful, and beloved by all.

The mechanics and final two designs options proposed for the steel sign.

The brochures and graphics sent to potential sponsors. Ultimately Big Creek Lumber Co. donated all the redwood used for the project.

Designed to be a hybrid of modular pre-fab and site finished construction that would not be attached to, but hung over the concrete wall. The steel and wood hanging bracket frames and most of the redwood pieces were pre-cut and assembled in the shop